As the field of genocide studies has grown and diversified in the 21st century, the impact of digital technology has taken on increasing importance.


From the digitalization of archives that document genocide atrocities to the use of this technology in the capture and prosecution of perpetrators, the landscape of interdisciplinary genocide studies and genocide prevention is rapidly changing.


At the same time, the rise of social media and the world wide web have facilitated the propagation of hate and dissemination of genocidal and related ideologies.



Monday July, 19 to Friday, July 23


Time Zone CEST

9:30-10h: Reception

10-11:30h: Parallel sessions

11:30h-12h: Break

12h-13:30h: Parallel sessions

13:30h-14h: Break

14h-15h: Keynotes

15h-15:30h: Break

15:30-17h: Plenary sessions

17-17:30h: Break 

17:30-19h: Parallel sessions

19-19h30h: Break

19:30-21h: Parallel sessions




Authors and co-authors:

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International Association of Genocide Scholars

  • Henry C. Theriault, president of IAGS, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Worcester State University, (US)

  • Armen Marsoobian, First Vice President of IAGS, Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department, Southern Connecticut State University (US)

  • Sara Elise Brown, Advisory Board of IAGS, Executive Director Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education (CHHANGE), Brookdale Community College (US)

  • Sarah Snyder, PhD Candidate History of Ideas, Ackerman Center of Holocaust Studies, University of Texas at Dallas (US)

Logo UB dret.jpg

University of Barcelona, Faculty of Law - Host Institution


  • Elisenda Calvet Martínez, Assistant Professor of International Law, co-coordinator of the Law Clinic Fight Against Impunity, University of Barcelona (Spain)

  • Rosa Ana Alija Fernández, Associate Professor of International Law, co-coordinator of the Law Clinic Fight Against Impunity, University of Barcelona (Spain)

  • Aitor Diaz Anabitarte, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Barcelona (Spain)

  • Noemi Morell Alsina, Adjunct Lecturer of International Law, University of Barcelona (Spain)

19 jul. 9:00
Universitat de Barcelona