The University of Barcelona (UB) is the most formidable public institution of higher education in Catalonia. According tho the Best Global Universities index, the UB occupies the fist national position, the 37 European Poistion and the 98 worldwide position. The UB is also the principal centre of university research in Spain and has become a European brenchmark for research activity, both in terms of the number of research programmes it conducts and the excellence these have achieve. 

The Law faculty is located in the North-West of Barcelona in the "Universities Area" and offeres several large lecture halls. 

In recent history, Barcelona played a key role during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and Franco´s Dictartorship (1939-1975). More than 114.000 persons disappeared, including 30.000 children and more that 2400 mass graves have been found. The 1977 Amnesty Law prevented any kind of justice for the perpetrators for these serious violations of human rights. In 2007, the Historical Memory Law was adopted to address the atrocities of the past, but the implementation of the law has been scant.